• Therapeutic vs. Traditional massage

    Let’s look at some definitions.

    Massage is defined as the manipulation of the superficial and deeper layers of muscles, connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being.

    Therapeutic stems from curative, maintaining health.  Other similar terms that represent therapeutic are healing, beneficial, helpful, calming and relaxing.

    Once we understand that the root of “therapeutic” and “massage” are very similar in term of desired outcomes.  In my mind every massage given should be therapeutic!

    I believe that to enhance your therapeutic experience, during your massage, 3 major components need to be present.  The first one is EXPERIENCE.  What type of training has your massage therapist received?  Is she or he always seeking advancement through educational classes to learn new techniques, on a regular basis?  Accumulated experience will help your therapist identify what could be the source of your pain at a musculoskeletal level.  The second component is TRUST.  Do you have confidence that your therapist is giving you the best they can and that you trust their judgment.  Lastly, CARING.  Caring and being compassionate are primordial qualities that your therapist must have when working with you.  Her desire to help you with your needs will be heightened, thus trying to seek the best way to help you.

    At E’ssential Health and Wellness we take the term “therapeutic” to another level and we incorporate these components in our relationship with our clients.  Your massage should be tailored to your needs and not with a “fit-for-all” approach.  Each individual client should go through an initial assessment, restrictions throughout the body identified by your massage therapist and addressed.  Your pain should lessen, your relaxation should deepen.  The reason you were seeking a massage in the first place should improve over the course of a few visits.

    Always communicate with your massage therapist, sharing your goals when seeking a massage. At E’ssential Health and Wellness we always strive to provide the highest quality of bodywork, and this is our commitment to you.

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