E’ssential Nutrition Management Program

E’ssential Nutrition Management takes a back to basics approach to clean mindful eating and daily physical movement. E’ssential Health and Wellness Nutrition uses coaching techniques that help the client become committed, accountable and self managed.

With a team based approach to nutrition counseling our nutrition coaches will help you address the challenges associated with obesity and/or being overweight and all its subsequent health risk factors.

FACT: Obesity and being overweight are known risk factors for diabetes, heart disease, hypertension, gallbladder disease,  osteoarthritis, organ prolapse, sleep apnea, increased surgical risks and more.

The E’ssential Nutrition Management  plan is designed to take you the client (either one on one or small groups) through three simple phases:

Phase 1 Assess the need: Comprehensive nutrition history and assessment analysis

Phase 2 Setting goals: Defining and documenting realistic goals and time lines for success

Phase 3 Monitor: Motivate and measure client results and implement maintenance strategies for continued progress

Our passionate and enthusiastic nutrition coaches will guide you step-by-step through these phases  to help you meet your health and wellness goals.

 Nutrition Service Menu

* In-home

* Custom meal planning

* Corporate team presentations

* 6 week jump start

* Cooking classes

* 12 week weight management program

* Small group/team counseling

* In home chef service

Onsite Training Presentations/ Special Populations

1. One on one counseling: E’ssentials package (6 week jump start)

2. Small group/team based counseling: 12 week weight Management Plan

3. In Home chef services:  Cooking custom prepared meals

* Phone /Email followup with nutrition coach

For further information and pricing call or email E’ssential Health and Wellness