Nurturing your child with a gentle massage is a wonderful way to bond, soothe and help your child’s development. We will teach you safe massage techniques and stretches, which you can incorporate in your daily routine.


Being an active participant in the emotional and physical well-being and growth of your child is a rewarding experience. We will incorporate tips on how to enhance your massage experience with your child and will provide you with a bottle of oil to perform the massage. You will also receive a guide of massage techniques with pictures and descriptions and a certificate that you will be able to place in your child’s memory box or scrapbook! We recommend taking this class once your child as reach 4 weeks of age or older. Please consult with your baby’s physicians prior to signing up for the massage class.

Group Infant massage: This is a great way to join other moms or dads and have fun learning to massage your baby. We recommend a group of 8 parent-infant or less per class. A spacious and comfortable space is needed for everyone to view and practice the techniques as they are demonstrated.

  • Infant massage benefits:

    • Eases colic and intestinal gas.
    • Helps soothe teething pain.
    • Helps settle baby to sleep.
    • Bonding experience, stronger love between infant and parent.
    • Improves baby security.
    • Improves communication between parent and baby.
    • Improves body awareness: Increases muscle tone and increases joint flexibility.
    • Reduces baby stress and helps babies coping mechanism from daily stimuli.
    • Strengthens baby’s immune system.
    • Faster weight gain.
    • Study showed that intellectual development is enhanced through early touch, reading scores and IQ’s.
    • Enhances mother’s secretion of prolactin, hormone essential in milk production.
  • Contraindications and precautions of infant massage:

    • Fever. Do not massage if infant has fever.
    • Do not massage over rash, bruise or open wound.
    • Infections.
    • Be very gentle when massaging baby’s head.