• Pregnancy Research Survey-We need your HELP!

    Research is on the way….  The Motherhood Center in partnership with Lyne Ezenwa Physical Therapy Services will study the benefit of exercises during pregnancy, specifically assessing  the total pregnancy conditioning DVD exercise combination.  We are in search of 1000 participants!!!

    There are two ways to participate: 1. Purchase your total pregnancy conditioning DVD and download the survey at the motherhood center located at 3701 W. Alabama Suite 230, Houston TX 77027 or buy it online at:  http//:motherhoodcenter.com    All you have to do is read the survey for participation instruction, use the DVD on a weekly basis during your pregnancy, record your exercises, and fill out the survey and email within 2 months of your delivery.  The survey should be emailed to lyne.ezenwapt@aol.com  

    2.  We also need a control group that will not be using the DVD.  You may want to exercises on your own or you do not have time to exercise during your pregnancy, but still would like to participate…  All you have to do is download the survey from the motherhood center website, read the survey for participation instruction, and fill out the survey within 2 months of your delivery and email to lyne.ezenwapt@aol.com     

    As a thank you for your participation you will be entered in a drawing for a gift card!

    Research is an important part of medical advancement.  Over the years, we have received many positive feedback from mothers who have used our DVD.  Now its time to fully assess its impact!  We greatly appreciate your participation!  Each one of us can make a difference in Women’s Health!  Thank you for taking time out of your busy schedule to help us with this project dear to our heart.  Enjoy the DVD as much as we enjoyed producing it!