GTAC Athletic And Therapeutic Massage





Receive your massage at GTAC and feel the difference! All our massages are tailored by a Physical Therapist and provided by highly trained and caring Massage Therapists.




  • What to expect during your massage?!


    The massage therapist will review your health history and discuss with you any musculoskeletal dysfunctions and/or aches of pain you may be experiencing, as well as your “health goals”. A full body assessment will be performed to identify key areas involved in tennis and/or athletic, or activities of daily living that may create pain, limit your mobility and flexibility.

    Body Work or massage in combination with personalized strength training will help prevent injury by creating muscle synergy and balance, which is necessary when playing tennis.

    The chain reaction of an injury may lead overtime to:
    Injury →Muscle spasm/ Tissue inflammation→Change in joint pressure→Degeneration/Arthritis

  • 1. The Ultimate Athletic Massage (Our Favorite)

    1 1/2 hour
    Are you a recreational or professional athlete seeking to improve your game? Then this massage is a must for you! You will experience a combination of stretches, contract relax, myofascial release techniques, plus relaxation all at once. Our goals are:
    a. Improve your flexibility and mobility
    b. Minimize sport injury
    c. Improve body awareness
    d. Minimize your body aches and pains
    e. And feel great!

  • 2. Therapeutic Massage 1 hour

    Experiencing neck pain, low back pain, tennis elbow and more…? This one hour massage will address your aches and pain, body restrictions and provide great relaxation. The massage will be tailored to answer your needs.

  • 3. “Just want to relax Massage” 1 hour

    Experience an hour of Swedish massage with its soothing gliding and kneading strokes that will marvel you into relaxation. This will address light muscle tensions, from your daily stress. Relaxation massage has been shown to be very beneficial for your health.

Be Proactive with you health and schedule your massage today: 832-325-5100

Allow 48 hours advance notice to schedule your massage Monday through Saturday. We will do our best to accommodate your schedule.