Join the Team Wellness Challenge and lose 1,000 pounds in 6 weeks!

APRIL 27th to JUNE 6th, 2014

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The 2014 Fit-n-Fabulous team wellness challenge is a six week program guaranteed to get you into shape and slim you down one pound at a time! All you need is a good pair of shoes, a motivated team behind you and the will to win. Let the challenge begin!

The Race

This is a team-based fitness activity and nutrition challenge where team members earn points for performing physical activities and making positive nutritional changes. The challenge is for each team to earn as many collective points as possible in six weeks (team goal is 60,000 points in six weeks!!!

The Teams

  • Create a team of 5 members.
  • Elect a team captain that will report the accumulated team points weekly (every Sunday).
  • Choose a “catchy” team name that best represents your team.

The Sign-Up

  • Each member needs to show up for sign-up.
  • Each member will receive a packet containing race information and details of the race.
  • Body weight and body circumference will be recorded at the start and end of the race to earn additional points.


The Reward

— A fitter, more fabulous you, one pound at a time!
— The gift of giving! Donation of $1/lb lost up to 1,000 lbs to the Ovarian Cancer Research Fund.
— Prizes for top finishers!

Other Info

— $60/Person ($10/person/week for 6 weeks)
— Each team will be tracked on an interactive map
— Weekly updates will be posted online
— ALL activities can be done anywhere, anytime!