Total Pregnancy Conditioning

E’ssential Health and Wellness is proud to introduce a unique pregnancy exercise program for the mother-to-be. This program will assist you through all stages of pregnancy. This safe and effective DVD incorporates three major components of wellness: stretching and relaxation, strength and cardiovascular conditioning. You can now exercise in the comfort of your own home.
Have fun with it! We wish you a happy and healthy pregnancy!
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  • Sincere Thanks!

    First and foremost we would like to thank everyone involved in the making of this DVD. We truly appreciate all of you!

    To all the inspiring moms that we have had the privilege to work with for so many years.

    To the many wonderful physicians that have been working with us moms, and that provided encouragement and feedback in the development of our DVD project.

    To our great team who made this DVD project come to life. Rodney Baker our videographer, producer and DVD designer, Ryan Baker our videographer, Roger Brooks esthetic and lighting, Terry our photographer, Miguel Martinez our web developer, Nora Gonzalez our graphic designer, Ann Timpe-Brennan our attorney, and Amala Ezenwa our assistant marketing and editor.

    And of course to our families and friends who gave us love, support and opinions throughout the making!!!

  • How this DVD came to Life

    My husband Skip and I have been working with pregnant moms for many years. Our main challenge was to encourage pregnant moms to come to the gym on a regular basis and exercise to make a definite impact on their health throughout their pregnancy. Between work, sick children, morning sickness it was not an easy task. Being a mom of two, working full-time, I could relate to all those challenges!!! So we decided that the best way to reach all the pregnant moms was to make a complete exercise DVD where everyone can exercise in their living room. Our only challenge now, is to keep you motivated to press play and exercise!!! From personal experience, I can exercise in my living room with my daughters by my side either reading a book or running around!!! It is possible to exercise in the midst of “Chaos”!!! Sometimes, I just enjoy doing my relaxing yoga, while my girls are sleeping!

    We are also excited to offer this unique DVD to physicians to recommend to their pregnant clients. A frequently asked question to our physicians always has been what safe exercise can I do during my pregnancy? Now they have a complete and safe DVD to offer in their practice.

    I have used this exercise program throughout my pregnancy and it kept me strong and healthy until the end!

    Lyne Archambault-Ezenwa