• E’ssential Health and Wellness Welcomes New Team Member

    E’ssential Health and Wellness is proud to introduce a new member of our team. Stacy Stewart is a licenced massage therapist in Texas, who specializes in therapeutic massage for special populations. We want to welcome her to the E’ssential and Wellness family and thank her for sharing her knowledge with us and our vision for

  • Should I do Abdominal crunches when I am pregnant?

    There are a number of core strengthening exercises that can be done during pregnancy, but traditional crunches would not be one of them. The most important core muscle to strengthen would be the transversus abdominis, which is the deepest layer of your abdominal muscles. It covers your abdominal wall and has fascial attachments all the

  • Therapeutic vs. Traditional massage

    Let’s look at some definitions. Massage is defined as the manipulation of the superficial and deeper layers of muscles, connective tissue to enhance function, aid in the healing process, and promote relaxation and well-being. Therapeutic stems from curative, maintaining health.  Other similar terms that represent therapeutic are healing, beneficial, helpful, calming and relaxing. Once we

  • Pregnancy Research Survey-We need your HELP!

    Research is on the way….  The Motherhood Center in partnership with Lyne Ezenwa Physical Therapy Services will study the benefit of exercises during pregnancy, specifically assessing  the total pregnancy conditioning DVD exercise combination.  We are in search of 1000 participants!!! There are two ways to participate: 1. Purchase your total pregnancy conditioning DVD and download the survey at