Our Mission

Our mission here, at E‘ssential Health and Wellness is to educate and provide the highest quality of care that will impact real life changes in the health and well-being of all the clients we serve.

Our Strength and Focus

Our strengths lie in our synergistic approach to the essential components of basic nutrition, corrective exercise training and therapeutic body work such as massage and stretch therapy. By combining these processes we can positively affect changes in lifestyles and health maintenance. Some populations we specialize in include post-rehabilitation and orthopedic concerns; weight management related concerns, obesity, diabetes; prenatal and post-partum; woman’s health; infant massage; pre and post-surgery; and pelvic pain.



Our Background

E‘ssential Health and Wellness was founded in 2005 by Scipio Ezenwa, with the goal of enhancing the health and quality of life for client populations with chronic disease pathologies. We achieved this through implementing our signature program “Back to Basics Health and Fitness Essentials” which implements the factors of wellness. As the company evolved, two complimentary fitness programs were developed, “Posture Perfect”, for improving bone strength and correct posture and “Step to Health”, a walking based program to help manage weight.

E‘ssential Health and Wellness specializes in the design and management of preventative programs for physician practices with the focus on improved nutrition management, body work through a diversity of massage techniques, increased physical activity and motivation for a healthier lifestyle for program participants. One of our focuses at E‘ssential Health and Wellness is to help extend the arms of care of physician practices, and assist in the long term health and well being of everyone we serve.

E‘ssential Health and Wellness is a company dedicated to the highest standard of care and where all products and services we provide are scrutinized by our EHW health care professionals in the field of nutrition, therapeutic exercises and therapeutic massage.